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Clubsandconcerts dot com is a video driven, event industry website comparable to Ticketmaster/ Live Nation for the purpose of advertising events with the option of buying concert tickets and rsvp for clubs. We intend to charge on a pay per click basis for advertising and ticket sales. The backpage of the website will be for industy contacts and outsourcing services such as photo/video, flyer printing, equiptment rentals and event production services/consultation. This company is currently a sole proprietorship with intention to incorporate once certain milestones are achieved and we have aquired major exclusive contracts with businesses and tours.


The goals of the this website are to * to keep the public (genre specific) engaged and up to date on what has happend, what is happening and what is about to happen in the club and concert world. * to be the official liazon or bridge between the virtual world and actual events * To capture potential audiences through exciting imagery so that people associate our brand as being synonomus with the live entertainment industry. * the site brand will be exposed at as much events as possible and have the best incentives for ticket holders and business to business deals. 


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